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World BMC Co., Ltd.
CMMA Solid Surface (Acrylic & Polyester)

CMMA Solid Surface (Acrylic/Polyester)

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CMMA Solid Surface (Acrylic/Polyester)

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Acrylic/Polyester Solid Surface (CMMA) is a brand of World BMC as acrylic resin and polyester resin hybrid with the material for the elements of the Sink Top Table.


  • Elegant atmosphere
  • Diverse Colors
  • Competitive price, 40~50% less expensive than MMA solid surface.
  • Mass production is possible due to standardized molding product
  • Stylish design("-" shape(3000L x 600W))
    (, shape (3600L x 2850L x 600W))


  • Sink Top Table (-, )
  • Washstand
  • Sink bowl(Type : mini, jumbo)
  • Plate Slab

Property Data

Property Unit Test Method Data
Specific Gravity - ASTM D792 1.624
Barcol Hardness - JIS K 6911 50
Water Absorption % ASTM D570 0.025
Tensile Strength kgf/cm2 ASTM D638 323
Flexural Strength kgf/cm2 ASTM D790 736
Compressive Strength kgf/cm2 ASTM D695 933
Izod Impact Strength kgf.cm/cm ASTM D256 23.1
UL 94-Flammability   UL94 V-o
Total Volatile Organic
mg/m2.h Standard test
Method for indoor
Air Quality small
Chamber test
(Ministry of Environment act 2008-73)
Toluene 0.003
Formaldehyde(HCHO) 0.007


"-" Shape Sink Top Table
"" Shape Sink Top table
Island Top Table Volcanic Top Table
Washstand Laundry Bowl

Sink Top table

Sink Top Table(-Shape) : 50BH Type
Sink Top Table(-Shape) : 100BH Type
Sink Top Table(, Shape) : 50BH Type
Plate Slab
Shelf of Sink Top Table
Side Cap of Sink Top Table


Jumbo Bowl 4987
Mini Bowl 5151
Wash Bowl 4170
Laundry Bowl 4855
Laundry Bowl 4450
Laundry Bowl 4451
This can apply to auxiliary kitchen, and is a bowl in which hand washing can be done. A washboard is fixed, and you can conveniently use this, since there is no trembling of the washboard.
This can be installed in the narrow auxiliary kitchen, and you can choose one of the two types.


Volcanic Colors

Production process

Research & Development

Cut, Attach, Process of Sink

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